Whether you need a new company

explainer video or videography

for an event – we can help.

The team has many skills, so we’re able to offer a wide array of services.

We love engaging with motivated people on exciting productions and have worked on a variety of projects: short films and feature films, as well as larger commercials and shows like America’s Got Talent, Miller Lite and Bud Light commercials, YETI, Gorilla Glue, HEB, and Osage Casino.

We were also involved in the video production of over 30 weddings in 2015. Our founder has produced several videos of his own and loves to shoot and edit.

Zcartt Productions was founded 2 years ago. Although, we have been freelancing and producing videos and photos for over 7 years.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our team works wonders

Zach Carter


Zach started making videos on his parents camcorder back in middle school with friends in his hometown of Weston, CT. This hobby turned into a passion and career path after high school and in college.

Zach graduated with a Media & Communications in 2011 at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. His most noteworthy accomplishment was being published in the Huffington Post for creating a “Top 10 LipDub video.”

Zach freelanced for years making videos for different events, short comedy sketches, and started assisting and apprenticing with renowned photographers and production companies.

He moved to Tulsa, OK after college to teach with Teach For America which greatly shaped who he is today. After three years in Tulsa, Zach has settled in Austin, TX where he founded Zcartt Productions in 2014.

Through his different careers in education, internships, odd jobs, and apprenticeships, Zach developed his own style and craft. As Zcartt Productions emerged, it carried with it the theme of strong storytelling and compelling images and audio.

Zach has been influenced greatly by the many production companies he worked with, photographers, and collaborators; although he attributes most of his style to the many hours of research he does daily on YouTube (which is also known as just watching videos on YouTube).

When he’s not behind a camera, Zach loves to be outdoors spending time with friends, playing volleyball, tennis, biking, working out, and trying new places to eat.

He recently became a big brother through Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Austin, conducts phone interviews for Teach For America, and spends most weekends filming weddings, or taking road trips and photos for fun.

Zach’s fun fact is that he is a huge cartoon fan. He loves Spongebob, Dragon Ball Z, Avatar, and if not for his poor drawing skills, he may have become a cartoon animator.

Marc Rein

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Marc grew up in Fair Lawn, NJ, where, in high school, he fondly recalls making videos for French class, Driver’s Ed, and the famous “Joey and Nigel Show” which we will henceforth never speak of again.

He fostered his passion at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Economics. Throughout his time at Lehigh, Marc directed two plays, was the lighting designer on countless others, and capped off his four-years with a short film, “Billy” which he co-wrote/directed/produced with his partner-in-crime Zach Carter.

After a brief stint in Tulsa, OK working for a fraternity and traveling around the country, Marc moved back to New Jersey and began working on the nationally syndicated television shows “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and “The Dr. Oz Show” in New York City, with a two-day stint on “Dance Moms” thrown in as well.

After 3+ years in the television industry, Marc left to pursue a more creative role, and has since worked at Marble.com, and is currently the Multimedia Specialist at the New Jersey Society of CPAs.

Marc specializes in documentary-style and testimonial videos. He prides himself in his directorial talents, and the ability to make anyone feel comfortable in front of a camera. He loves the art of storytelling.

When he’s not out shooting, Marc enjoys nature, and loves hiking, but he can just as easily be found at home relaxing, working on DIY projects, cooking, and watching New York Mets games. Marc currently lives in Cranford, NJ with his wife, Andi, and their dog, Yoshi.