Crafting A Story

Hired by Capital Homes, producing a video for University of Tulsa, representing the George Kaiser Family Foundation, residents, community members, and homeowners was no easy task. The interviews and ideas were not competing, but incorporating so many different perspectives was the most important part to understanding the revitalization effort, yet also the most challenging.

I flew into Tulsa and spent two days shooting with Ross. We had previously discussed questions to ask, scouted locations, rented equipment, and created a shooting schedule leading up to the shoot. It was a tight squeeze, but we got some great b-roll, timelapses, and Ross pulled out some great answers from the people we interviewed.

I spent a lot of time using Magic Bullet Looks to grade the interview footage and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I did run into a few problems when I realized I didn’t have a charger for the Mark III I borrowed from a friend, or that I only had one lavalier mic but some interviews were with couples. These were all small issues I managed to work around and the final product was something I’m really proud of. The overall feeling conveyed was that there is a large-scale effort involving many different organizations and groups of people. They are all working to improve this neighborhood and making the changes everyone there wants to see.


Producing an explainer video for the University of Tulsa


Capital Homes

What We Did

Videography, Photography, Post Editing

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