Most friends at some point or another will ask me for a headshot. Whether it’s for LinkedIn account, for a conference or event, email footer, new website, job application, professional profile picture, or whatever the case may be I know I use my headshot several times each year.

When I started transitioning from a apprenticeships with a few commercial and studio photographers, into my own work I decided to take people up on these offers. I shot these portraits at my favorite studio in Tulsa, and one in Austin as well. One of the portraits is for a sports and news caster, while another works in education, and a third for an actress. I made some black and white, high contrast, I played with the detail and intensity on one of Aaron’s, which is an effect I like, but have the classic shots as well.

Photography is a very different beast from video, and I find I have a lot more going through my head while doing portraits: Should I adjust this lighting set up? Did I get all the poses I needed for this set up? Should I have them change their outfit? Did I get a few shots smiling, serious? Is there another look I could get here? Maybe I should give them more of a mood or fun scenario or make a crazy noise instead of telling them to change their expression. Should I move in for a tighter shot? Adjust my camera settings? Try a shallow DOF? I should check focus to make sure I hit it, have I even changed white balance? Let me double check this is a RAW file format, should I change this battery soon? AND THE LIST GOES ON!

While I love landscape photography, it’s a fun challenge to shoot portrait photography.


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