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I participated in this fundraiser my dad started in 2014. It was only four of us, outdoors, and the feeling of accomplishment, pride, and for some, payoff was enormous. I can’t say I trained as hard as others, but I knew how I planned on capturing these emotions in 2015.

My college roommate, Marc Rein, who works in video production in NJ taped the event this year. He had a 3-camera setup where he conducted interviews, shoot fantastic b-roll, and even got some go-pro footage! It took just under a month from the drive landing on my doorstep to Vimeo upload, but it looks great and we’ve got a 5-minute and 60 second version.

It was challenging to work backwards and create a narrative using interview footage, but it was also the most fun part. Marc has also taught me a few text animation tricks I included in this video – enjoy!


Video for a fundraiser

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Videography, Post Editing

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